Friday, August 26, 2011

Readers Write & Rant/Remember Tuscumbia

Concerning the rusting WVNA sign by O'Neal Bridge, Sheffield's Steve Wiggins comments:

Yet another Elton Darby eyesore. After he made millions in Sheffield and other Shoals cities, he simply walked away, leaving future citizens to deal the putrefying ruins of his empire. Wonder if he ever cleaned up any mess he made?

Concerning our column on National Alabama's sale of 95 rail cars, Florence from Tennessee writes:

Such negative comments and every now and then a positive one. Makes one think they are bi-polar. For ex. in the Times, railcar sold 95 cars, which is probably more money than shoalanda can count even taking off their or its shoes or whatever speices (sic) this person is.

Concerning Sweetwater Mansion, D.M. comments:

Thanks for confirming my opinion of the group that runs Sweetwater. I went year before last and it was such a mess I swore I would never go again. Then my neighbor volunteered last year and all they talked about there were ghosts and vampires and werewolves. She says no real work has ever been done and the Jaycees refused to work with that group after the first year.

Concerning common-law marriage, A.N comments:

Alabama should totally get rid of common law marriage. You can't have a common law divorce, so why allow common law marriage? If two people would like the benefits of a marriage, then they should have to go to the courthouse and make it legal. Common law makes it easy for scammers to collect spousal benefits that they are not entitled to, and it allows murders to try to scam the courts.


Former Tuscumbia Railroad Headquarters

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