Sunday, August 21, 2011

Defense for Mayor Irons? Maybe...

Is There A Defense For Mayor Bobby Irons' Behavior?

A Guest Commentary By

Bailey Quarters

I never lived in Sweetwater, East Florence, or Weeden Heights, so I had no interest in the Sweetwater Reunion other than hoping they had a large turnout. I do live in Florence and it seems that our mayor's visit to the reunion has caused a lot of controversy, at least on Facebook.

Should he have made an attempt to visit with the guest of honor from out of town or only visited with registered voters? It's possible he did attempt to meet Mr. Fisher. Perhaps Larry was away from the venue for a short time and Mr. Irons had to leave. We'll never know unless Mayor Irons chooses to comment on the issue and I doubt that he will.

What if Mayor Bobby Irons ignored the Sweetwater Reunion guest of honor intentionally because he is not a registered voter in Florence? Then we do need a more caring and, yes, thinking chief executive for our city.


While on the subject of Mayor Irons' behavior, we've seen some comments on "voting them all out." We will go on record here that since all humans make mistakes, we'll venture that Dick Jordan and Sam Pendleton have also--that does not mean they are not the best Florence has to offer. We may not always have agreed with them on some issues, but we've always believed they've placed the interests of Florence first. We doubt that Mayor Irons will comment on his behavior at the Sweetwater Reunion since that would serve to draw more attention to it.

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