Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rep. Ken Johnson: Major Hypocrite

You're looking at a picture of Ken Johnson, the Republican representative from Lawrence and Winston Counties. Nice smile...or is that a smirk?

Johnson is a member of the Trinity Financial Group and the owner of Global Sourcing Service Inc. We could certainly be wrong, but Rep. Johnson hardly looks like someone who would attend illegal cockfights. Cocktail parties, yes; cockfights, no. So why is he failing to support stiffer penalties for those who stage such spectacles?

When Johnson ran for the House, he stated he was opposed to the lottery and removing restrictions concerning gambling that are currently in place. Now he's defending the status quo of meager fines for those who participate in the gambling and animal cruelty that go hand in hand with cockfighting. Why? Because "every day we kill millions of chickens to eat."

We certainly hope the chickens on our dinner table weren't killed by razors strapped to the talons of other birds...while crazed onlookers cheered the process. Ken Johnson needs to decide whom he will serve. So far he hasn't made a very good impression on the educated and caring voters of his state or district.

If you wish to contact Johnson, his business phone is (256) 974-5468; his e-mail is


Ken, Ah say, Ken...Chicken lovers vote too. Ya know what I mean, boy?