Monday, August 22, 2011

The Alabamian Forum/WVNA Sign

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Refurbishing the old golf pro shop at McFarland and turning it into a visitor center seems like a prudent idea. We would suggest that the City of Florence attempt to do something about the WVNA sign that now rusts and rots in the immediate vicinity. It was one of the first items on our Shoals Eyesores list...and definitely isn't improving with time.

WVNA is currently owned by URBan Radio Broadcasting. From Wiki:

URBan Radio Broadcasting, LLC, (typically written with the first three letters of the word 'urban' capitalized) is an American media company that specializes in radio stations. The markets where they own radio stations include Toledo, Ohio, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Tupelo, Mississippi, Columbus, Mississippi, Meridian, Mississippi, and Alexandria, Louisiana. The company was formed in 1999 in Mobile, Alabama, by radio entrepreneur Kevin Wagner and its headquarters are currently located in Miami, Florida.

In other words, there's very little local about the radio station at this point, so maintaining the Florence sign is probably very low on its list.