Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colbert 2-Lauderdale 0/How Much for 95 Rail Cars?

RegionalCare to build new hospital in Colbert County? We agree the counties should work together, but we have to ask why this health care mega corporation signed a contract to build the new hospital in Lauderdale County and now wants to amend said contract...or should that be renege on it? We also wonder how the board of Helen Keller Hospital would feel if this should come to pass. How about obstetrics? That would certainly cut down on literal Lauderdale County natives. Perhaps it's time to buy the popcorn and watch the show.


We recently published a negative comment from a reader concerning our statements on the 95 rail cars National Alabama has sold to an unspecified company. We were at some loss to understand the criticism, since our comments mainly concerned the manufacture date of these rail cars. The critic seemed to feel we didn't realize just how much money was involved in this sale.

Our contact at National Alabama, while not providing us with the exact amount of money involved in the transaction, reported that the money taken in by the company on the sale would not even cover one year of the Barton plant's utility bills.


Since losing Trader to The Connection almost a year ago, we've had readers ask if we plan to bring in a new restaurant critic. We certainly might if we could find one, but they are not abundant in this area--especially ones that will work for our salary--free.

If you have horror stories about Shoals eateries, or perhaps accounts of heavenly food and exotic ambiance, you can now offer your own reviews at Shoals Dish. This Facebook page is new, but it offers us all a chance to say what we think, so get going and point the Shoals in the right gastronomical direction.