Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing "Imam Mohammad Sukek Rashid"

Whether true or a hoax perpetrated on the TimesDaily segment TVT, we present a few of the words published by this supposedly new addition to the Shoals scene:

I am a Muslim and futre (sic) Imam of the local congregation.

2. A Mosque to the Gloy (sic) of God is in the works my friends! It shall be located in Florence where our numbers are increasing.

3. I am currently residing in Murphreesborro (sic) Tennessee but am helping brothers looking for property in Florence for our church.

4. Our religion is under attack. We have a right to defend our faith just as much as you do yours.

5. There are no innocents in this battle. There are those who accept the Truth and those who reject it. They are the enemies.

6. A few of our emmisaries (sic) will be soon travelling (sic) to the Florence area to announce our plan and condut (sic) meeting with local authoritis (sic). We will let you know when the time comes so you can come see for yourself.

What do we believe? We believe, and certainly hope, these assertions by the "Imam" are a hoax; however, the TimesDaily does the community a disservice by continuing to publish them.


Speaking of defending our faith, anyone seen any Baptists out there with bazookas recently?


Conflicting reports on the ShoalsInsider lapse in publishing...

From J. J. Ray at The Connection:
I spoke with Jeff Roland Publisher of the successful Shoals Insider and he stated that the Shoals Insider is not for sale. His wife has been in the hospital ICU with blood clots on her lungs. *

From Jeff Roland on The Huntsville Reporter: Sorry we havent been around lately on the blog but we have been, really busy. Thanks for all the support you have shown us since we kicked off just a few short months ago. It has exceeded all of our expectations. We really appreciate you following us on Twitter and Facebook and recommending us to your friends and family. Anyway, we have a few big announcements coming soon and we cant wait to share them...we just cant share them now. Anyway, as our radio friends say; so stay tuned and dont touch that dial, we will be right back with you.

* Editor's note: Our source who told us the SI was for sale mentioned that Jeff Roland had offered it to J. J. Ray, and our source is extremely informed and, what's up with that? As Jeff said, stay tuned...