Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are Some Accused Criminals Getting Lucky?

Are some possible bad guys luckier than others? If they're running from the law in Lauderdale County, they just might be.

We mentioned two weeks ago that the sheriff's dispatch center upheaval to the basement of the courthouse left Lauderdale deputies unable to run checks for outstanding warrants. Originally it was thought this oversight would be corrected after the initial weekend move, but apparently deputies are still unable to obtain this info from the isolated dispatchers. Was this extremely poor planning? We would say so.


The next Franklin County grand jury will meet in September. Considering the ABI's evidence against former Russellville Police Sergeant Jeremy Shane Hall, an indictment seems a foregone conclusion. Will Joey Rushing prosecute? Since the Franklin County District Attorney has obviously had dealings with Hall in the past, a recusal seems in order.

How about Judge Terry Dempsey? Will he try the case? According to our sources in Franklin County, Judge Dempsey once represented Hall in another matter before being elected Circuit Judge; ergo Dempsey's recusal is a given.

We can't say who will be tapped to hear the case, but a member of the Attorney General's staff will in all probability try it. Other sources have theorized not just former female jail inmates will testify against Hall, but additional women from the private sector. Perhaps they should sell tickets.

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