Saturday, August 20, 2011

Odds, Ends, & Monkeys

Odds: O'Malley's Bar in Littleville announced on its Facebook page that the club had its first fight recently. It's possible the set-to was the first major altercation at O'Malley's, but it's at odds with a source in the Littleville Police Department. Club Aqua has ceased operations leaving only the private Oasis and O'Malley's in the small Colbert County town. Our sources state local police would prefer the club's liquor license is not renewed.

Ends: We're removing Sheffield Billiards from our list of eyesores. Our original informant states that renovation has again begun on the building.

Monkeys: If we never saw the River Oaks monkeys in Sheffield, most of us have read of them. Why were they removed? Sadly we're sure the cruelty of a few was at least one of the reasons. According to one long-time Sheffield resident a certain infamous felon was known to shoot BB's at the poor captives. Who? None other than Tommy Arthur.