Friday, August 19, 2011

Mayor Irons at Sweetwater Reunion?

According to some who attended last Saturday's Sweetwater Renunion, Florence Mayor Bobby Irons was in attendance. The problem? It seems guest of honor Larry Fisher didn't meet Mayor Irons during the festivities. It does seem both prudent and hospitable that our mayor would have sought Mr. Fisher out...


This weekend marks Russellville's annual Watermelon Festival, but if you're planning on going, you may not see Kerry Gilbert and his band. It seems he was bumped in order to make way for Travis Wammack on the lineup. One would think there would be room for both great entertainers.


According to today's TimesDaily, Christopher Michael Rich's estranged girlfriend and mother of his two children, Hollie Elizabeth Newbury, has now become his "common-law wife." Is this just an error on the part of the TD, or is the prosecution attempting to add an element to its case?

One would think the crime was so heinous that a conviction is a given, but considering some fairly recent verdicts* in Lauderdale and Franklin Counties, perhaps Rich's defense team may be able to find 12 individuals who sympathize with this abuser.

* David Darryl Thompson, Lauderdale County/Mark Anthony Hurley, Franklin County