Friday, August 5, 2011

A Few Words from David Bronner/Florence Police Accreditation

Has Dr. David Bronner called those who question the National Alabama rail car plant in Barton idiots? We'll let you judge; here's his quote from the August RSA newsletter:

While a few Alabama investments have been criticized by some individuals that have difficulty understanding the bigger picture, our investment horizons are much longer. With the resources that Alabama has to offer, there is no reason not to believe that in the long term we will equal or exceed the returns of anywhere in the world.

Obviously Bronner's take on current finances covers the entire system and not solely the Barton facility. It's a bit like the TimesDaily announcing the entire of city of Muscle Shoals was destroyed in the earthquake, but all other Shoals areas were unscathed. That's great...except for those who lived in Muscle Shoals. So, yes, those who had seen National Alabama as the Shoals' economic savior are somewhat critical of it.


The Florence Police Department is nearing the conclusion of a 2.5 year effort to achieve accreditation with CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies). Part of the accreditation process allows for members of the general public to either call in and speak to an on-site assessor, or to actually come and speak to the assessors in person in reference to the quality of police services being offered by the Florence Police Department. The information concerning the public forums is attached.

In the coming weeks, as we draw closer to August 20th, I would be glad to discuss the accreditation process with you. This process has included a comprehensive review and revision of our policies and procedures. If we are fortunate enough to achieve this accreditation, it will be one of the greatest achievements in our police department’s history. Accreditation by CALEA, would signify that the Florence Police Department’s policies, procedures, and practices are consistent with the highest standards of policing in the nation. The community will not just be required to take our word for it, but in fact, a team of outside assessors are coming in for four days to conduct an actual in-depth audit of our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure we are meeting these standards. The goal, or end-game of the accreditation process, is for our community to get just what they expect of their local police department: Police service of the highest level, that follows the letter and spirit of the law, assurance that we hold ourselves accountable for our conduct and actions, and, a police department that is accountable to our community to provide the very best in police service.

I look forward to talking with you in the near future.

Capt. Ron Tyler

Florence Police Department

FBINA Session 225



As always, we're extremely proud of our Florence Police Department. Congratulations to them on this undertaking.


The happiest of birthdays to Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford!