Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tuscumbia Municipal Elections/Katie Logan

From the Midnight Rider:

We are continuing our series of City/Town Elections. We had made the comment recently that the City of Sheffield may be the powder keg of the elections. We may have been wrong about that. Driving around the City of Sheffield, we have only seen Signs for Penny Freeman. Miss Freeman is running for District 4 for the City of Sheffield. We will be doing an article on her that will be posted soon.

Recently we spoke to two employees of the City of Tuscumbia. Both were excited about the upcoming elections. They were hoping for some change to come to that City Government. As we drive through the City of Tuscumbia, we see a lot of signs up. Most are for Cole and Underwood for Mayor. We have never met either one of the candidates. Mr. Cole is retired from the City of Tuscumbia Fire Department and Mr. Underwood is an Accountant.

Checking on Facebook, Mr. Underwood has a page for his election campaign. It appears that he started campaigning some time ago. I guess getting a jump on the competition.

The first thing listed on his webpage is his platform for the election:

-Support the school system
-Expand Tuscumbia’s boundaries
-Secure new sources of revenue
-Enforce our ordinances to keep Tuscumbia “tourist ready”
-Establish a Small Business Advisory Board
-Begin Town Hall meetings
-Establish a Park & Recreation board
-Begin a new and yet undefined advertising campaign for the city
-Establish departmental oversight and management through the mayor’s office
-Begin the process of paving and repairing the city streets

The above is a well thought out platform. We are interested to see or read how each goal is to be accomplished. We are sure there will be questions asked about each aspect by the citizens of Tuscumbia. They look like good ideas to us.

We checked Facebook for David Cole’s page. He has one there that appears to be personal. Mr. Underwood has one especially for the Election. We looked through Mr. Cole’s page to check his platform. We had to scroll through the page before I found a picture of a door tag with his election info on it. Mr. Cole, as much as some of us do not like Social Media, today’s Society uses it for everything. Build upon your page.

Again, we do not know either candidate so at this point, we are not endorsing either. Do your homework. This will be your chance to get your voice heard. Remember to come out and vote.

Katie Logan For District 1 Election

We had planned on writing the above article and had been making notes. One day, we saw a Katie Logan Election Sign. She is running for District 1 City Council for the City of Tuscumbia. Let me lay this out there. We have never met Mrs. Logan. All we know about her is she is married to Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan. We read that she recently opened a business in Tuscumbia.

As we continued on driving, we started thinking about her running for a place in the City. She owns a business in the City of Tuscumbia. She is young so she would bring young views to the table per say. Contrary to popular belief, young people do vote. She knows how the City of Tuscumbia operates by being married to Chief Logan.

I could see her opponents saying that she would have a conflict of interest. I disagree with that. If she votes on a subject that has to do with the Police Department, there are several other members of the City Council that can overrule or vote against her. She can always recuse herself from the vote. To me, that sounds like the Checks and Balance System that this great Country was founded on. So with that being said, “You go girl.” We think a fresh, young view could help the City.

Until next time,
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider...


From L. Stone:

Great quote from Tom Gresham - I saw a movie where only the police and military had guns. It was called "Schindler's List."

Both L. Stone and J. Redmon have sent us some salient info on the latest gun controversy. We'll have both up early next week. Plus, we have a guest blog on the Deshler High Bella Club and a great new article for Shoals Crime also scheduled. Remember, we always welcome guest blogs and comments.

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