Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fruit Basket Turnover & Team Swindle

From Leslie M. Shoals:

Posted: Friday, March 25, 2016 12:15 am

By Jennifer Edwards Staff Writer

MUSCLE SHOALS — The principal at Muscle Shoals Middle School was voted out by the city school board after two years at the helm.

Matthew Carpenter’s contract was non-renewed at the board’s monthly meeting Tuesday at the school system’s central office.

Carpenter was named principal in May 2014 and started June 1 of that year. At that time Superintendent Brian Lindsey said Carpenter’s experience “made him by far and above the best candidate.”

Lindsey would not comment on what changed.

“I can’t give any reason or make a comment regarding a personnel decision of that nature,” Lindsey said.

The non-renewal of Carpenter’s contract was included in an 11-item personnel report that was passed unanimously at Tuesday’s meeting. There were no comments from board members.

Carpenter was close to the end of a two-year probationary contract. Lindsey said in general new principals in the city school system are placed on probationary contracts.

NOT EVEN 3 MONTHS LATER.....................

Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 12:00 am | Updated: 12:04 am, Wed Jun 22, 2016.

By Jennifer Edwards Staff Writer

MUSCLE SHOALS -- Former middle school Principal Matthew Carpenter has been hired as the district's assistant supervisor of students.

Carpenter was hired in his new position during the city school board's June meeting.His contract as the middle school principal was not renewed in March....

"Dr. Carpenter is very organized and is very attentive to details in dealing with records and paperwork," Lindsey said. "In this position, you need someone that has that skill set."

Lindsey said three people "showed interest" in the position. Carpenter received administrative tenure when he was the assistant principal at the middle school.

"We felt like we needed to go in another direction with leadership at the middle school, and in doing that we decided to non-renew his contract," Lindsey said. "That is not to say he did not have the administrative skills for the right position. He does have the skill set we were looking for in this assistant administrative position."

Carpenter's salary in the new position is $87,621, according to the district's finance officer Sarita Tapscott. That is less than he earned as principal, Lindsey said.

Carpenter's contract begins July 1.


March, 2016 regarding the non-renewal of Middle School Principal contract, Coach Lindsey would not comment on a "personnel decision of that nature" which would make the average taxpayer assume possible reasons for termination were personal actions or otherwise and not job performance. Should there have been a job performance issue as a principal, Coach Lindsey was obligated to give an explanation to the taxpayers, but chose otherwise which only leaves for a reasonable deduction of something concerning personal conduct/good name and character. WHAT EXACTLY IS "THAT NATURE"? To then appoint Kevin Davis as principal to follow Carpenter is an even bigger boondoggle given Kevin Davis was hired at MSHS as assistant principal by his old classmate, Chad Holden, when he had no job and was on administrative leave from Limestone County Schools.

June, 2016 Coach Lindsey is quoted as praising Carpenter on his organization skills and attention to details in dealing with records and paperwork, as most administrators will say about a good secretary. If paperwork and record keeping is the skill set needed in the newly created position, would a top notch secretary perform these duties and at a lower cost just as well? I believe I would question the logic on that if I were a secretary in MSCS.

One could only read between the lines to see that Carpenter has been branded at MSCS as forever an "assistant" since he didn't have the skill set to be a top administrator in a building where he taught and later served as assistant principal.

If memory serves me right, the law was rewritten a few years ago that took tenure away from administrators/contract employees and only grants those who are in the classroom with tenure.Not sure if Coach Lindsey is correct on an assistant principal having administrative tenure. I would tell him to check with that high priced out of town lawyer they keep sending our money to but the truth hasn't been spoken yet, so we won't push for that waste of money.

It appears Coach Lindsey is not addressing the core of the problem and taking control. There is a clear lack of institutional control when kids talk about employees having affairs, cheating, drugs, and other social evils and those who are guilty are transferred to another job, or given an assistant. Maybe Swindle will win the state championship for Basden and you people can quit stealing us taxpayers blind. Basden promised a state championship within the first 5 years of employment and it's now what, year 11? Team Swindle!! We don't care if Russellville is laughing at MSCS. We want a championship! Team Swindle!!!


Leslie M. Shoals

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