Thursday, June 30, 2016

Not So Cool Schools in Tuscumbia & Lauderdale?

The following are two recent comments from readers on local schools:

A few years ago, and after many complaints by teachers, a national educational accreditation committee advised the Tuscumbia City Schools school board to 'back off' the 'micro-management' of the system's schools. The school board agreed to do so, but never actually did. The school board continued to do what they were told NOT to do, and haven't stopped. System school administrators have virtually ZERO say in who is placed in their respective schools. Few, if any, interviews are actually conducted for vacancies. Instead, school board members 'inform' principals who will be 'hired'. Actual hiring is said to be determined by two factors: Coaching ability, and personal (family) relationship with board member(s). Coaching ability is said to trump teaching experience and content knowledge.


The Lauderdale County Board of Education does not carry Workmen’s Compensation on its employees. Any work- related accident must be reported to your supervisor within 24 hours. An injury report must be completed. If medical care is required, [a] the employee will need to file on his/her own hospital/medical insurance. [b] Out-of-pocket expenses may be filed with the State Board of Adjustment for possible reimbursement.


An imaginary exchange:

Alabama Legislator: I have a great idea. Let's take a lot of our tax dollars and build a care home for all the Zika babies that will be born in this state in the next few years.

Voice of Common Sense: Why not take that money to familiarize citizens about the virus. Tell them to avoid areas where mosquitoes are located, but if they can't do that, wear insect repellent and avoid unprotected sex?

An exchange that no one listens to:

Alabama Legislator: I have a great idea. Let's take a lot of our tax dollars and pass indefensible laws against abortion regulations and clinics in this state.

Voice of Common Sense: Why not take that money to explain reproduction in detail to all pupils in public schools. Tell them to wait until they're ready to be a parent before they have sex, but if they can't do that, carefully explain contraception. Voila! No unwanted pregnancies.


It's time for a Bi Lifestyle in this state. No, we're not talking about sex; we're speaking of jobs. We need to encourage high school students to think about both a career they need as well as a career they want. If any out there wish to obtain a degree in goat cheese production and marketing, that's great. Go for it. We do suggest you also learn a trade, as in welding or plumbing or some other vocational mainstay.

Just because you know you're in the top ten all time great graphic comic illustrators, don't assume you'll immediately get a job in that field...and not leave Frog Pond to do it. Make sure you have a vocation to fall back on when the latest war on terror creates a shortage of artist's ink.


We're not placing any bets on August trials for these three, but here's the schedule:

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