Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Guns of Sheffield/Protecting Their Man?

Yesterday, the Midnight Rider mentioned a man in Sheffield who sells guns out of his vehicle in the Town Plaza parking lot on weekends. We've seen readers express the idea that small time vendors shouldn't be regulated, but just what is "small time?" We then asked about liability for the town of Sheffield.

From L. Stone:

If the person at the Sheffield Flea Market is in the firearms business then he has to have a Federal Firearms License and has to follow the rules about background checks. I wonder if he has a stack of form 4473 for his sales?

As far as the liability if a gun is later used in a crime, federal law prevents liability for sellers if a gun is later misused if the sale is done lawfully. An illegal sale is a different matter.


We mentioned recently the crime reports in the TimesDaily and asked if our readers noticed just how many guns were stolen in the course of the average week. Another interesting read comes from arrest charges--not that they aren't interesting for other reasons as well. Ever notice how many are charged with being in the possession of a gun illegally? Wanna bet these weren't guns the perps owned before their felony conviction?


After we blogged about a young woman proclaiming her lover's total lack of violence toward her...despite having signed a police report on an incident in which he left her with injuries serious enough to require an ER visit, a local news magazine told us a similar story.

It seems a Lawrenceburg fast food manager attacked the mother of his three children, leaving her in need of medical attention at the ER. A few weeks later, this woman wrote the news source and told them their story was a bunch of bull, despite it being taken from police reports. When the news magazine pointed this out, she faded into the woodwork.

Fast forward over a year later, the fast food manager himself wrote the news site requesting the old article be taken down. He was having trouble finding a job and the case against him had been dismissed. When asked why the case was dismissed, the man wrote a clipped and angry reply and also faded into the woodwork. Wanna bet his baby mama refused to testify against him?

So just what happens, legally that is, to the these women? They either lied in the police report (and medical records show that they didn't) or they're lying when they later tell authorities the whole thing didn't happen. Are they charged with perjury or filing a false police report? Or are they simply allowed to go on their merry way until their next beating/choking/violent assault?

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