Friday, June 17, 2016

Doing the Time?/Tell Us What's Cooking

Yesterday we linked an article about John James Common’s arrest in Franklin County. Common, known as J.J., was supposedly in state prison for attempting to burn down the Colbert County Jail a few years ago…only for some reason he wasn’t. Of all our bad boys, J.J. has the longest rap sheet and easily earned his place in our sociopaths' hall of fame.

But of course those who know and love J.J. protest that he means well and is simply misunderstood. Right. Shooting the Russellville football player mid game, raping the 12 year old mentally deficient girl, and setting fire to the Colbert County Jail were just minor blips in an otherwise spotless life.

A reader sent us links to two FB pages connected to Common. There’s his own under the unassuming name of “Humble Nobility” where he claims God is “for him” and one belonging to one of his many girlfriends who’s using the hash tag “freebae.”

We’re pretty sure J.J. has been freed too many times to start with.


Now a FB inspired question from another reader; it seems someone is making posts in Holland Elkins’ account. Our reader wanted to know if Elkins is now out or if he has access to the Internet while in the Lauderdale Detention Center.

First, according to detention center sources, Elkins is very much still incarcerated and will be until his July probation revocation hearing. Does he have some sort of smart phone in the jail? We doubt it.

We looked at the posts made allegedly by Elkins and all of them are liking or otherwise singing the praises of new photos of his “beautiful” baby mama or their offspring. Yes, it’s sad, but maybe that explains why the young woman feels she has to have him in her life.


We’re sure at least some of our readers remember high school. Shoalanda herself can vaguely remember the latter half of the 19th Century when she faithfully attended that one room schoolhouse. Many things have changed, but even back in the day there were social clubs.

It was standard knowledge that these clubs were not condoned, but merely tolerated by the school administration. Has that changed a great deal in the past few years?

We’ll inject here that most of the complaints we receive concern Muscle Shoals High School, followed by Sheffield, Florence, and Deshler bringing up the rear with the fewest. Now we’ve been presented with a serious complaint about a so-called social club at Deshler.

We have a lot of information on file concerning this club and know that even if the administration doesn’t claim the club, it’s still mentioned in the school’s annual. Insert a big “Oh, oh” here.

Before we present any blogs on Deshler clubs, we want to give students and parents time to contact us. Tell us what you think—as always, you will be anonymous.


We’ve been sent some excellent material on the pros and cons of “No Buy” gun restrictions and will be presenting these articles in the next few days. Feel free to send your opinions and join in.


  1. I'd like to point out (or ask) two things. You said John Common's arrest record was the longest. Just who did you include? I would have thought Jerry Don Crowden had a longer record or Tommy Arthur if you wanted to go back that far.

    Also, have you ever checked to see how many of these "bad boys" had rape charges or arrests? There's Common who had a case that was dismissed for some reason. Crowden has a second degree rape conviction. There was a first degree case against Gerald Surratt that wasn't prosecuted and a second degree charge that was dropped or wasn't filed against Andrew Scott. I don't know about Holland Elkins, but he has at least a DV charge. All these guys seem to have problems dealing with women. All the women who support them are mousy and needy and are drop outs I think, no college. There's a definite pattern here that you should blog about.

    1. We didn't count Tommy Arthur since he hasn't been active in the past 30+ years. Crowden still comes in second to Common, especially if you count federal convictions.

      As for the rapes, Surratt has never, to our knowledge, been arrested for rape of any kind; he was just a few weeks ago accused of attempting to lure young teenage girls. The family of Scott's victim never pressed charges against him.

      But you're right. If you count Arthur who actually killed his girlfriend's sister in an attempt to kill her, that makes five of our favorite sociopaths with crimes against women.

      The women? Scott's current squeeze has a college degree, but we agree on the others' lack of education. Does a lack of education make them patsies? It's possible. We'll gather some more info for a future blog, and thanks for the input.

  2. Anxiously awaiting your blog on Bella. Can't wait to read the comments defending whites-only social clubs and how much they do "for the community."