Saturday, June 4, 2016

Get Your Lawyer Jokes Here!/Tim Staggs’s John Archibald was recently asked why there was so little interest in the Mike Hubbard trial. He replied the lack of interest was due to the proceedings now going on for three years and so far not one mention of sex. We guess that’s at least one good point for Hubbard.


We mentioned yesterday that the Reginald Brett Mitchell case had been assigned to Gil Self, a witness in a related case. We’ve been informed that the case has now been transferred to Mike Jones’ docket. Jones is also presiding judge in the Tim Staggs and Chip Dillard cases.


The Shoals legal profession has certainly been the brunt of jokes this past week. We understand that the area will be getting satellite offices of two well known firms—the nationally known law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe, as well as that Birmingham icon of Brashly Arrogant.


We’ve certainly had a great number of readers ask us why attorney Chip Dillard can’t make a 500K cash bond. It’s our opinion it would be difficult for almost anyone to come up with that amount of cash, but we’ll address Dillard’s personal situation as we know it.

For years, Dillard was in the U.S. Army; in other words, he wasn’t making the big bucks. After the military, he has set up two practices—that means starting almost from scratch each time. He’s been in and out of rehab many times—that’s not cheap. Reportedly his lifestyle wasn’t cheap either.

We can find no record of Dillard owning any property in either Lauderdale or Colbert Counties. At the time of his arrest, his official address was an apartment in north Florence that reportedly belonged to a relative.

You can expect to see flying monkeys before you’ll see Dillard make bail…and we’re sure that’s what Luther Strange and his office wanted. As for Staggs, that’s a totally different story, albeit one that the TimesDaily is, for whatever reason, not reporting.

Read it here: Tim Staggs to Skip Country?

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