Monday, June 20, 2016

Have Sex on Taxpayer's Dime, Lose Vacation Pay?

Several years ago we read one of those pop-psychology articles on theft in the workplace. It seems that those who are not faithful to their spouses are three times more likely to steal from their employers than those who walk the marital line. So how much more prone to theft would employees be that actually commit the sex act at work while on the clock…the taxpayer’s clock to make it worse?

We know that at least two who write here either work at taxpayer jobs currently or have in the past. As far as we know the majority who toil at the Shoalanda blog work in the private sector. What would happen to Shoalanda herself if she were caught in such a compromising position at work in her non-government funded job? She would d*mned well be fired within hours, we can promise you that.

So how do government employees continue to get away with boffing anyone and everyone at work? How do they still keep their taxpayer funded jobs? Are they simply irreplaceable or do they just know where the bodies are buried?

We’ve recently blogged about two local government employees who were literally caught with their pants down and still retained their jobs…at least so far. Just two days ago we were informed of a city department head who was similarly caught in a Shoals town about five or so years ago and who kept his job. Three such incidents in the past five years would indicate the moral decline of our society. The fact that the powers that be have overlooked these incidents indicates much worse.

Why are we discussing this again? It seems that the Lauderdale department head was not fired as Danny Pettus had promised. He did vote to fire the person, he has stated, but others voted to retain the person who lost all vacation pay.

We just hope the sex was worth two weeks vacation to the department head. Now please tell us how much integrity and ethics are worth to those who oversee our local governments?


We’re about to publish an article on the Bella Club at Deshler High School and have asked for input from readers. It seems there is at least one similar club, one perhaps even more shrouded in secrecy. Who out there knows of the Deshler Fight Club? Those who reply will always remain anonymous.


Wanda Ivey Wallace

Wanda Ivey Wallace was murdered in Tuscumbia on Sunday. Her brother Jerry was also a murder victim; from 2012:

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