Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Bad Boys Being Even Badder

We had only this week been asked a question about Jerry Don Crowden, currently doing 20 years in a state department of corrections facility, when we saw this:


A reader has informed us that Lexie Graham of Red Bay passed away last week. Mr. Graham was for years the bankroll behind his son Hershel Dale Graham's legal battle to remain free. If any are wondering, no, Hershel isn't dead yet, even though his legal dream team had secured Judge Terry Dempsey's permission for him to spend his "last days" in Red Bay with this father.

Hershel does remain in the Kilby Prison Infirmary idling away his hours in bed while his victim David Andrasik remains dead. Hershel is scheduled to be released on probation next February; however, now that his father is gone, will he have a home?


Here's a bad boy we've never mentioned before: Jimmy Clyde Brown. Why mention him now? As with most career criminals, Brown's legal trespasses over the years have not only mounted up, they've escalated. Brown's most recent victim was a woman who had the incredibly bad judgment to date him...and almost wound up dead for her lapse in taste. Ladies, beware; his next girlfriend might not leave the relationship still breathing.


Last, we have Justin Matthew Green, currently serving a 12 month community corrections sentence in the death of his toddler daughter. For those who think 24 months in prison is far too light a sentence for a man who killed his daughter in an auto accident, how do you feel about only one year in "community corrections" for a man who was responsible for his daughter's death by strangulation?

The last time we checked in on Green, he had just become a father again last December, and all was bliss in his relationship with the new baby mama, Alas, it seems the young lady in question finally wised up; now she refers to Green as the "sperm donor," a very apt title.

Think this woman who considered Green and their relationship the exception to the rule is stuck with him for the next 21 years? Think again. When the daughter has her first child at the age of 25 or 30, hopefully in the state of matrimony with a loving husband, guess whom this unfortunate woman will probably have to confront. How about even when the daughter is 50 and has a sudden illness? Yes, this misguided young woman will be forced to see Green then as well...assuming he even bothers to show up.

This young woman, who so diligently defended Green when he was under indictment, is now posting articles about sociopaths on her FB page. We hope every woman reading this considers a man's criminal history before entering into a relationship with him, but we're not betting the fireworks show on it.

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