Friday, June 3, 2016

Facebook Predators/Two Questions

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen our references to “Shoalanda’s Bad Boys” from time to time. It would seem that one of these perpetual bad boys has a new game: contacting young teenage girls on Facebook and attempting to set up video calls. We’re simply going to post the screen shots that were sent to us (warning: strong language):

If you have a teenage daughter, or almost teenage daughter, speak with her about the possibility of FB predators. If one does contact your child, try to get as much information as possible; then turn it over to the police.


We’ve been asked these two questions, and we’re presenting them here for your consideration:

1. How can Lauderdale Circuit Judge Gil Self preside in a case involving Brett Mitchell when he himself is a witness in connecting cases?

2. Why did Lauderdale Circuit Judge Mike Jones recuse himself in the legal proceedings involving Florence attorney Donald Tipper, but not in those involving Chip Dillard?


Don't forget the Lauderdale Rabies Clinic begins tomorrow with visits in the northwest part of the county. The clinic continues for eight days; be sure to have your little ones vaccinated.

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