Monday, June 27, 2016

Skate Park Shooting/Sheffield Police

It was Friday, June 16th, and a young family was enjoying the skate park at the recreational complex banded by Fairgrounds Road, Chisholm Road, and Cox Creek Parkway in Florence. At approximately 4:30 p.m., the family took a break and sat in an area adjacent to Fairgrounds Road. It was then that a “distinctive green” Chrysler drove by.

Witnesses said four young men occupied the vehicle, and one in the back seat raised an Airsoft type weapon and fired at the family, hitting the five year-old daughter. The little girl, who was shot in the neck, was not seriously injured, but is now scared to go back to the park.

The vehicle is believed to be similar to this photo; the car may appear gold in some light:

2000 Chrysler 300 in Light Green--Similar to Shooter's Car

Florence police are asking for the public’s help in finding this cadre of youths who have nothing better to do than terrorize an innocent family on what should have been a fun outing. If you have any information about the incident, call Kevin Jackson at 256-760-6557 or Shoals Crime Stoppers at 256-386-8687.

Crime Stoppers usually offers a reward; however, there has been no public statement about one in this crime. We are sincerely hoping that local businesses will come forward to contribute to a reward in this case. Let’s get these thugs off the streets even if it’s just for a few hours until they can make bail.


From a reader: Last Saturday I saw (3) Sheffield PD officers on a traffic stop involving ONE young female. From what I am told, this is a common occurrence. A friend's teenage daughter was stopped riding a scooter in her neighborhood. Again, 3-4 SPD officers responded. While traffic stops and domestic violence calls are THE (2) most dangerous things most officers routinely encounter, Sheffield 'seems' to be 'over doing' 'officer safety'.


We’ve certainly had a great deal of interest in our last two Shoals Crime blogs. As with our Quad-Cities Cuisine blog, we welcome guest submissions:

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  1. There has been airport incidents reported in sheffield resulting in damages to several businesses. Sheffield is investigating as well. Lauderdale also has at least one report in the past 2 weeks and rumor has it there is more. But the lauderdale county investigator told the victims they would have to confront the people responsible themselves. These incidents can cause injuries such as what happened at the skate park, as well as costing victims money for having to replace and repair damaged items, as well as having to close the business until the repairs are done. And to me it's awfully dangerous in today's world for the victim to have to get to the bottom of the crime themselves