Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just What is Going on at the Lauderdale 911 Office?

The late humorist Lewis Grizzard once said he didn’t care who in the NFL took illicit drugs; he just wanted to be sure his dentist wasn’t hooked up to the nitrous oxide. So do you care if, when you ask to see the loan officer at your bank, his secretary says you’ll have to wait ten minutes until he finishes a little slap and tickle with the new teller in the vault? Probably not—at least it has very little effect on you.

How about if you have to wait five or ten minutes for your 911 call to go through because Officer Bubba Bilious from Bug Tussle is doing one of the dispatchers? Aha, now we have your attention.

We understand Lauderdale County Commissioner Danny Pettus has said there’s about to be a shake up at Lauderdale 911. We’ll have more on this later, but we have to ask why any employee would think a bit of the other was acceptable behavior while on the clock?

Stay tuned…


In case you haven’t heard, the ACLU and the NRA are on the same side…yes, really. They both oppose using the “No Fly” list to ban gun purchases. The ACLU says why not add cell phones if we’re that worried about terrorism? 

Comparing a cell phone to a gun is extremely similar to comparing a gun to a jet that can be used as a weapon. Poppy cock! Phones and jets have reasonable uses other than to kill or maim. We support the Second Amendment, but if U.S. security is worried enough about a person to ban him/her from flying in this country, we’re pretty sure giving these people guns is not the best choice.

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