Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Doing the Hanky Panky on Your Dime?

Several weeks ago we reported on an appointed official being caught in an extremely compromising position with another city employee. The female employee was terminated, but the appointed official kept his job. Both these individuals were on the clock in a local city; in other words, they were makin’ whoopee while the citizens of that town paid them to be working for the betterment of the community. From what we’ve been told, there was never even a tut-tut from the town’s mayor. Well, good ol’ boys do got to stick together, don’t they?

Now at least one law suit is threatening to blow the lid off a sex scandal in another Shoals town/county. Were there attempts at intimidation? Was there a perfunctory investigation? Was there a little hand-slapping but nothing more? In short, was there an attempted cover up as our informant suggests?

Stay tuned…


After the tragic events this past weekend in Orlando, it’s only natural to ask if all area SWAT teams remain fully staffed. Enough snipers and all that?


So Lynn Greer, our Republican representative from Rogersville, wants to be the new speaker of the house. Pols from north Alabama are almost universally overlooked for such positions in Montgomery, but miracles do happen.

If Greer wants the continued, or renewed, support of local voters, he really needs to tell us exactly what happened to his proposed legislation to overhaul the state’s certificate of need laws. Remember this from almost two years ago?

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