Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More Shootings/Prince Comments

Yesterday we blogged on a five year-old girl shot at the Florence skate park; police are still seeking the youths believed responsible for the Airsoft attack. We failed to mention there had been several similar incidents on South Jackson Highway in Sheffield. All the Sheffield incidents involved property only, but are nonetheless troublesome for the business owners affected.

Now we’ve been informed that there have been other recent incidents in Lauderdale County as well. The victims in these property attacks feel the sheriff’s deputies with whom they’ve spoken have not taken the crimes as seriously as they should. Whether the deputies did or didn’t, these may not be murders, but easily could be.

From what we understand, the little girl shot in Florence was indeed lucky to escape with such minor injuries. If the projectile had hit her in the eye or temple, it’s possible she might not have survived. If you have any information, please call Kevin Jackson at 256-760-6557 or Shoals Crime Stoppers at 256-386-8687.


Hi, folks. Prince here, your faithful Canine-American blogger. I’ve got to tell you when I read about the thugs at the skate park, you could have knocked me over with a Frisbee. You see the guys doing the shooting were driving on Fairgrounds Road and we all know that’s Councilman Dave Smith’s district. 

I kept waiting to read about how he was outraged and was going to get to the bottom of the crime, have the hooligans prosecuted, clean up Florence’s neighborhoods. But I guess he was too busy thinking up new ways to stop the new animal shelter to pay any attention. Or maybe he was busy arranging a press conference to sully the reputation of one of his opponents. Could have been a lot of things, couldn’t it?

Hey, I saw Yolanda Johnson out campaigning Saturday. Now there’s a nice lady. I hear Kaytrina Simmons is real nice too. Heard they love dogs and cats and really want to help build up Florence for all of us.

A great big three shakes of my floppy ears for both ladies! Y’all remember to vote in August and don’t forget how Dave Smith has treated your four-legged friends either.


Speaking of dogs, we hear they have some interesting new ones in Sheffield. Look for the Midnight Rider’s next blog to read all about it.

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