Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just Who's Irish Here?

If we're all Irish on St. Patrick's Day, what are we the rest of the year? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only three counties in Alabama have over 10% population that consider themselves primarily Irish--Cullman, Clay, and Cleburne.

As for all other Alabama counties north of the Black Belt, we're considered 5% to 10% of Irish heritage. Even that percentage may be high, since the term Scots-Irish is generally misunderstood. The term originally referred to King James' Scots relatives/friends whom he gave Irish land and their descendents.

And for those of you on Facebook today who just had to say, "Erin Go Braless?" Well, three lashes with a shamrock bouquet.


Several readers have asked what the "scoop" is on further arrests in the UNA Rivers Hall rape case. Unfortunately we have no news on the investigation and don't know if further arrests will be made.

We can answer some questions concerning UNA police. No, we don't think it either possible or advisable for Florence to take over the security at the university. The public should remember that most campus crime is fairly minor and that any major crime is eventually the domain of the Lauderdale District Attorney's office and their investigators.

Yes, indictments in many cases come slowly. Yes, nine months is a long time from arrest to indictment in some more minor crimes. Yet if the public wants swifter justice in the lesser...or greater...crimes, we should demand to pay more taxes.


Look for a future blog on the Florence Post Office/Federal Building from an actual expert on the topic...


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