Thursday, March 14, 2013

Making Records Isn't Bass Fishing

Go ahead, say it...Shoalanda, you've been into the cooking sherry again, haven't you? No, but we have been reading about the new Bass Fishing Hall of Fame that's coming to Cullman. Now you're probably saying...Desperate for an article, huh?

Not really. It seems there's actually a bass fishing trail in Alabama as well as one devoted to that obscure Scots game. It also seems fishing takes in more money each year than Google. The new BFHOF will be built just off I-65 at a cost of 17 million dollars. That means it might be just a little nicer than the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, as well as have a higher power bill which the operators will hopefully be able to pay each month.

This does beg two questions. First, was the Shoals ever in the running for this homage to scales and fins? Second, is the organization building this magnificent edifice a good role model for those in the Shoals who want the AMHOF to succeed?

Yes, we realize comparing fishing to recording music is like comparing a pineapple to a potato, but we're going to assume most musicians, songwriters, publishers, etc., belong to some kind of state union. Why not up the dues five or ten dollars a year? The resulting funds would go a long to way to alleviate the financial problems our Tuscumbia stepchild has recently had. It is, after all, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

We're pretty sure producing hit recordings is much more interesting than bass fishing...



  1. I'm guessing that you have never met a true hardcore fisherman huh?Or you would know that fishing is an enjoyable outside activity.

  2. The HOF needs to start some sort of Friends of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and charge a membership with only a on line newsletter to keep costs down. With the large # of world wide fans of Shoals music, they should have more support there than locally.

    How many times have I gone across the bridges seeing all the boats out on the water in cold and freezing rainy weather and wonder if they were telling their spouses it's too cold to do a honey do project.