Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Accountability & Terry Bowden

Our sources at the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center tell us Eddrick Perez Harris has bonded out of custody while Deandre Alexander Harrison remains in lockup. The third suspect in the latest UNA rape case had previously bonded out on Sunday; he was not connected to UNA or the university's football program.

Our friend O.B. has commented on the two athletes being leftovers from Terry Bowden's recruiting program--basically "crime not only pays it plays." Others have commented on the entitlement philosophy of today's athletes. We have no doubt a little of each played a part in the events of this past weekend, but the most salient point?

Alcohol/other drugs. Now both the young woman and her alleged attackers will pay dearly for a few hours of "fun." The media regularly warn women to be mindful of their surroundings, but never seem to add that alcohol clouds such awareness.


Apparently Eddrick Harris had a very bright future in football, both at the university level and at the professional as well.


Okay, all you Colbert County writers out there, here's your chance to be famous...or maybe infamous depending on the subject matter:


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