Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Quick Quizes...

You're having dinner with an old friend at his luxurious chateau. At some point, he pulls a gun on you and fires. The gun jams, what do you do?

A. Run for the border.

B. Knock the gun from his hand and throw it in the shrubbery as you hastily leave.

C. Pen a blog about proper dining etiquette.

D. Stab your host multiple times, slit his throat, take the gun and shoot him in the back of the head, then steal a car to escape law enforcement.

E. Option "D" plus stab his girlfriend for good measure.

Let's just say if you picked "E" as Shannon Brewer did, you may have good reason to fear a Capital Murder indictment.


Zombies are attacking the White House, Capitol Building, and Pentagon. What's your best bet to receive immediate news updates?

A. Fox News reporters who blame the Democrats.

B. ABC where news execs are desperately trying to channel the ghost of Peter Jennings.

C. Your great-aunt Ethel who dated a congressman while working in D.C. during WWII.

D. Tweets from visiting tourists caught in the crossfire since they thought the whole thing was part of a normal congressional debate.

In today's world, the savvy person chooses "D." Fox, ABC, and all other news outlets have their own desk jockey monitoring the wonderful world of Twitter. Your second best bet would be a local blog where the writers will add astute insight on the back story without fear of losing their jobs. Not the 1918 New York Times, is it?

We regularly read comments from a vocal few who claim such local publications as the Quad-Cities Daily and Pen N Sword aren't "real" news outlets. This week, the QCD scooped the TimesDaily on both arrests in the Dorian Hamilton murder case, while PNS is the only publication to mention the alleged attempted rape on the UNA campus. No, it's not 1918 anymore. Hats off to both Internet news sources.


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