Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dog Ear at War with Possum Trot

I guess it was bound to happen. Just when we thought Dog Ear was about to hit the big time with a new sewage to fertilizer plant, the whole thing's gone to Sheffield in a hand basket, as we say in these parts. Yep, maybe those high falutin' people in Limestone County didn't want that sewage plant, but we sure did here in Dog Ear. We never figured we'd get stabbed in the back by those slimy snakes from Possum Trot.

Possum Trot has always been just a mite envious of us over here in Dog Ear. We got the slaughter house and the Wrecked Harley Museum. Not too many towns around this part of Alabama can say that. The trouble is Possum Trot is just north of Cooter's Creek and Dog Ear is to the south. It seems the Surefire Sewage Company would save 38 cents each truck load by not havin' to cross the creek. And that ain't all.

Possum Trot's biggest business is the portable toilet rental store. We don't mean to be crude cuz we promised Miz Shoalanda we would watch it, but their motto is "Possum Trot Pots for when you got the trots." It seems PTP come up with the idea to run a pipeline from their, uh, storage bin to the new sewage plant. They get rid of what they don't want and Surefire Sewage gets free raw material. I hear they're even tryin' to get ol' Lane Roland down to run the pipeline.

Right now it could go either way but I'm thinkin' the whole tornado in a tequilla bottle has set back relations between Dog Ear and Possum Trot at least 50 years. I guess Cooter's Creek is deeper and wider than I ever figured.

But no matter who gets the sewage plant, I'll still stay in Dog Ear for all your septic tank and automotive needs.


We hope Bubba's tale of woe is purely fictional. After all, no towns would actually behave this way...would they?


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