Friday, March 29, 2013

Disgraced Teacher Seven Times Lucky?

The Franklin County trial for Kimberly Bynum George has been postponed for the seventh time. Her new trial date is June 10th. Bynum's defense team may not be the reason for this delay. Several delays in the Felony Murder trial of Hershel Graham resulted in an April 1st date. The Franklin County judiciary probably felt it better to hold Graham's trial as soon as possible. Let's hope there's no more delay in justice for the David Andrasik family.

As for another delay in Bynum's trial, it's also frustrating for those whom she has hurt and betrayed. Delays can't go on forever. Facts can't be disputed. Let's hope justice is served in her case as well.


As these two Franklin County trials demonstrate, justice isn't always swift, but is does usually prevail. Are there instances where justice seems sidetracked for no apparent reason? Certainly.

Tomorrow we'll look at one of those cases, perhaps a small matter in the grand scheme of things, but of huge importance to the victims and their friends.


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