Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scooping Bernie & Sherhonda...

We often have readers who send us artwork, poems, songs, or catch phrases related to our blog. We don't usually publish them--not because they aren't articulate, funny, or catchy, but because we are composed of many here. Some who don't write regularly do contribute regularly. It's a team effort.

Still, one song recently sent to us comes to mind. One verse says:

I wanna write just like Shoalanda,
I wanna scoop Bernie and Sherhonda.

For those who may not be familiar with our newspaper, the Totally Decatur, Bernie and Sheronda refer to two writers, both very accomplished. Yet, it's not hard to scoop them (In fairness, Bernie Delinski is the only one of the two who does hard news). Why?

There may be a thousand "whys," but obviously one salient point is that only good news should cross the printing press concerning Shoals business. Should it really be this way? A good newspaper can publish bad news without it being editorial in nature; that seems to be something the TimesDaily hasn't learned.


Now we come to two scoops from earlier today. First from the Quad-Cities Daily:

Here's the scoop from Pen-N-Sword that has to have been covered up by the TD:

We have to ask why the powers that be in Decatur didn't want this published...


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