Sunday, March 24, 2013

DHR Doesn't Practice "Alabama First?"

Several months ago we were asked to provide information on a certified Tennessee charity, Turning Leaf Counseling and Educating Services Inc. This entity is run by a Rascaltown, Tennessee, resident Angel Gieske. Ms. Gieske's involvement with local divorce/child custody cases seems twofold.

Counseling? Does Gieske provide counseling for a fee? If so, she would appear to be in violation of the law. She has already been taken to court in Tennessee for practicing without a license and lost, having to pay what we would consider a huge fine.

Drug testing? Several have asked what qualifies Gieske to drug test. This question is one that could, or could not, be slightly humorous. Anyone can buy a drug testing kit. Many employers do just that and regularly test their employees.

Yet drug testing can be highly specialized. Correct hand washing (to remove contaminants from money, etc.), special toilets with limited running water, sealed containers, and documented chain of custody are ideal. Yes, that costs money, so many agencies go with cheaper options.

Does Angel Gieske work as a contract employee? Was no Alabama resident available for this position? These are Lauderdale County and state tax funds that pay for these services. We should demand accountability in all areas of employment and spending.

If you have information concerning any unqualified employees of DHR, illegal employment, or just information related to Turning Leaf Counseling, please contact us via e-mail. Also please contact the website Stop DHR Corruption.

Editor's note: Many small communities just across the Tennessee state line use Alabama mailing addresses. This could be the case with Gieske's legal address. DHR could have hired her assuming she lived in Alabama. In this case it would be hard to prove malfeasance or fraud in her initial employment.

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