Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We're Naming Names...

Yesterday we blogged on the Colbert County Commission's petition to the state CON board. The commissioners asked the board to refuse RegionalCare authorization to build a new hospital. One of the most profound comments we have ever received came from "Uncle Gus" who asked if the commission would have acted similarly if the hospital were scheduled to be built on TVA land in Colbert County. Most of us would offer a resounding "NO" to that query.

So how should those in Lauderdale County and other areas which support the hospital fight back? Being human, the first thought that springs to mind is to boycott any Colbert County business or endeavor. Being logical, we do look beyond first thoughts.

The citizens and businesspeople of Colbert County, at least most of them, have nothing to do with their commission's vindictive stance. No, it's the commissioners themselves who should shoulder the responsibility for their childish actions.

District 1 - P. Rex Burleson

District 2 - David Black

District 3 - Jimmy Gardiner

District 4 - Emmitt Jimmar

District 5 - Roger Creekmore

District 6 - Charles Hovater

These six men are solely responsible for Tuesday's actions. They are the one's acting like five year-olds. They're the ones who should be held accountable. In days to come, we'll look at each of them.


In perusing the Colbert County official page, we did find something humorous. Almost all towns and counties will profess to have "excellent schools." Colbert County seems to have only "very good schools." Truth in advertising?



  1. So what's the difference in this than what went on in Florence and the County? The bid was lower for Keller to do the ambulance service than Shoals. But Shoals won. The bid was lower for the county service but Shoals won. What about those who pushed for Shoals service in Florence? The new homes in Turtle Point and the new Mercedes that have been bought since then by those pushing for it? More underhanded crap going on over there like normal.

  2. I wish Regional Care would release data on how many of its employees live in Colbert County which adds greatly to the tax base in Colbert County. I would wager it's a much larger number than those who work for Keller.
    Recently a doctors office in Sheffield took a contract away from a Florence firm who also does work for ECM and Shoals because the line had been drawn in the sand. Now instead of the work being done by locals it is now being done in Atlanta. I would ask how much longer a patient has to wait for results now.

    As one who has been keeping up with the Colbert County Commission over 25 yrs, I considered Mr. Jimmar one of the few commissioners who had any common sense. I'm very disappointed in him if he did vote for this.

    The rate in the contract for the ambulance service is mute. Medicare and insurances will only pay a certain amount that most providers have to accept. The staffing and amount of ambulances in the contract was what important.

  3. As a citizen of colbert county I am pleased to state that I am already boycotting Florence businesses over the hospital fight. This fight is nothing new. Florence business and political leaders have always sought to control colbert county. They are not in any way friends to us. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN!