Monday, March 25, 2013

Hershel Graham Murder Trial Set for April 1st

Hershel Dale Graham, the admitted killer of David Martin Andrasik, will face trial on April 1st. We understand there were repeated delays in pre-trial hearings, so this like many recent trials in Franklin County may again be delayed. If convicted, Graham faces 20 years to life in prison.

We understand that Graham, a former professional athlete, now claims health problems would make prison an undue hardship on him. The only undue hardship any intelligent, caring person should consider is the hardship of Carla Andrasik, now raising three young children by herself. We're sure the Hamilton unit for the aged and infirm has a place for Hershel Graham.

Understandably the Andrasik family is eager to see justice done. It's now been 16 months since the unarmed young father was shot in the chest at Graham's Red Bay home. We encourage our readers to join this page:


Four weeks ago, Lesley Hope Plott was brutally murdered by her estranged husband, who then attempted suicide. Like the Andrasik family, the Plott family now faces a long road for justice in Franklin County. They have asked that we feature their Facebook page and request our readers to join the group:


We would like to say this in the kindest, yet firmest way possible. Young women...old women...or any in between, if he hits you, punches you, kicks you, slaps you, he will not at some point hesitate to kill you. 

You made the choice to marry him. It can't be undone, but you can leave before you or your children die. If you have family, go to them. If there is no one, the number for Safe Place is in our left sidebar. Use


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