Thursday, March 28, 2013

Angel (Gieske) Is No Angel

We recently asked for info from readers concerning Angel Gieske, an independent contractor with DHR. As such, Gieske profits from our tax dollars. We expect state agencies to spend our tax money wisely and to check credentials of those they hire. We realize that many slip through because their lies and embellishments are so egregious. In other words, most people don't just walk up to a hospital and claim to be a brain surgeon unless they have some serious mental problems or enough brass to think they can make the con work.

We received many comments concerning Gieske's work in Alabama, many pertaining to her drug tests. Apparently several parents tested positive for drugs according to Gieske, but when they immediately went to a public medical facility for tests, they were found to be drug free. We have not had time to interview or check out each of the individuals who have contacted us concerning Gieske, but we have heard from local attorney Johnnie Franks. Ms. Franks has been gracious enough to allow us to use her comments:

AG has some nerve coming to Alabama thinking that the Alabama citizens are too ignorant to realize what she has done in Tennessee and that she can get away with it here. I am determined to see that justice is served with AG because she has affected the lives of hundreds of innocent children that have been entrusted to the state to protect but have had their fate decided by AG for whatever price tag she could get. Not only has she been independent contractor for DHR in Lauderdale, Colbert and Walker counties, she has also deceived parents who hired her privately & relied upon her false qualifications to make the best decisions for their children only to realize the best decision came in favor of the parent that paid the most money to her.

Until now, we were unaware that Gieske claimed a doctorate. We'll be publishing more details later and are eager to learn what actions are taken by the state board of psychologists.

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We always encourage readers to visit their online profiles regularly. Often names are misspelled and they are linked to those whom they don't even know. This could obviously be the case with Angel Gieske; however, she has never disputed these records.

According to Radarius and other sites, Gieske's full name is Angel D. Morris Lewis Sego Goodman Gieske...and she provides marriage counseling?

Editor's note: We welcome any corrections from Angel Gieske



  1. Sholanda..First of all my family which includes my husband and two children worked with Angel for over two years , & the allegations your reposting have no factory evidence that she has wronged any individual. If what your saying about her credentials is true then you need to be shaming Colbert County DHR, and the half way job they continue to preform in our community. Angel is an amazing Marriage Advisor, and absolutely well educated in drug abuse and mental illness. Iv been around prestige Therapists and Council. And by far Angel G is my Top recommendation for a family or couple in need of Therapeutic Support. She has a big heart and she is definitely not in it for the money so I shame you for the lies you are spreading on such a dedicated woman. If there have been misplaced documents that in no way should deface her character, as she has changed many life's and attitudes and ability to constructively face life on everyday basis for so many people. We are truly blessed to have had her in our family situation.

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  3. Sholanda, have you considered getting actual facts straight before posting? Your are putting all kinds of derogatory comments about Ms. ANGEL without providing proof that your lies are even true. What's happened here is an unfit parent is angry because they aren't in any kind of shape to parent their child , so when they are TPR by the court they wanna blame anyone they can but them self. Seems Angel is who they blame for their lack of care to straighten up for their baby. Now if what your trying to propose is correct " that there are misplaced documents/ credintials" okay well maybe thats an issue in its self but it does not change the fact that Angel has dedicated her self to helping family's become reunited , advised.dysfunctional married couples who needed her support and needed her compassion and also her tools and keys to live a functional sober healthy lifestyle. Shes very well educated, she has an absolute brilliant oversight and goal plan for family s with mental illness she can get you in the right direction and never once has she pretended to be a Doctor, some may mistake her for that because she is so well Educated and successful at changing lives, you can't blame her because of Other individuals false accusations. If there is anyone to blame try shaming DHR they hired Angel based on who she is and what they saw in her. They wanted her to help various family s over and over again so apparently shes not the bad person you are making her out to be. I know this from personal experience shes help my husband so much and my children and I also. The wonderful impact shes made on so many life's. How dare you put her down you dont even know her and weve yet to see any facts to back up your gossip.I dont hear DHR complaining about her work. Angel you hold your head high as this will work its self out those who actually know you and work with you know how dedicated and devoted you are to helping so many family's. Iv personally seen you help people out of your own pocket so to hear sholanda babble on about money is a joke We know your were definitely not in it for the money. I remember you working 3 several months for my family with out getting paid a dime. Why? Because Angel Cares about people.