Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bribes? Where's the Proof?

We received this comment concerning the newly selected ambulance service in Florence and Lauderdale:

So what's the difference in this than what went on in Florence and the County? The bid was lower for Keller to do the ambulance service than Shoals. But Shoals won. The bid was lower for the county service but Shoals won. What about those who pushed for Shoals service in Florence? The new homes in Turtle Point and the new Mercedes that have been bought since then by those pushing for it? More underhanded crap going on over there like normal.

Interesting comment, and we wish its author would contact us via our e-mail with any info to back this up. As for the Florence City Council, none of them could live in Turtle Point Village since it's in Killen. As for the Lauderdale County Commission, we don't know the actual addresses of the four commissioners or Dewey Mitchell, the chair. We believe one commissioner lives in Rogersville while another lives in Waterloo.

No ambulance company will be, or can be, perfect; however, like Northstar before them, Keller failed to keep the promised EMTs on duty. In fact, it failed to keep the promised number of ambulances in Lauderdale County. Period.

If anyone has any proof that Shoals Ambulance bribed anyone, it should be turned over to the Attorney General. 


Others have commented on the number of RegionalCare employees who live in Colbert County. We wonder if the Colbert Commission even considered them. RegionalCare doesn't want a hospital that can't make money. No new hospital, and RC will desert the ship for greener dollar signs. Will Keller then give all the ECM employees jobs? No? So they will probably leave the area to find work. Nice thinking, Commissioners...


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