Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Leave a Man to Die by the Side of the Road...Go Scot Free?

Many are confused about why Christina Marie Carroll was arrested last fall. We will try to make this as simple as possible:

1. She was not arrested for speeding.
2. She was not arrested for texting while driving.
3. She was not arrested due to having no valid driver's license.
4. She was not arrested for DUI.
5. She was not arrested for hitting what is considered a pedestrian.

She WAS arrested because she hit a 200# man in a 500# motorized wheelchair, drove off leaving him to die by the side of the road, and waited three days to turn herself in after reading that her vehicle had basically been identified.  

"Oh, officer, I realized I hit something weighing 700#, but I thought it was a bunny."

Now a Lauderdale County grand jury has failed to indict the 27 year-old Carroll. The aspiring model's victim has no family in Lauderdale County; in fact, he has no family in the state of Alabama. Who was an advocate for Kevin Allen Doherty? 

Do we blame Carroll for hitting Mr. Doherty? No. We do hold her accountable for leaving him to die by the side of the road...



A similar hit and run occurred a few weeks ago in Leighton. A Cherokee man hit a pedestrian and left the scene not once, but twice. He did return the same day (at his family's urging). What will a Colbert County grand jury say about this case?


And in Red Bay, a bicyclist was killed this past weekend. If you have any information about this hit and run, call the Red Bay police. As with Carroll, you know the driver knew that he/she had hit something and chose to flee. 

Everyone makes mistakes...but not everyone chooses to leave them uncorrected.


  1. This is ridiculous. This is vehicular homicide which carries 20+ years rt?

    1. We would think you would have to prove she was at fault for the accident itself, which after three days, they obviously couldn't. We would assume she was looking at 15 years, with good time making it five, for the hit and run. It's possible Mr. Doherty's family in Georgia could intervene and ask for it to be presented again, but we're not sure of that.

  2. How about refocusing here. Instead of retrying a settled case, how about some discussion about laws being proposed, or enforced in some cases, that prohibit motorized wheelchairs from being operated on public roads? They should only be used on sidewalks or bike lanes. These were not designed to be "on the road" vehicles. I sympathize with the disabled user, but common sense should prevail in the operation of motorized wheelchairs. If there isn't a sidewalk, if it is a narrow two lane road, operation should be prohibited. As a matter of fact, other than designated lanes such as bike lanes, use should be prohibited period. Instead of rehashing the legal recourse of this case, which is settled, why not concentrate efforts on installing more bike lanes and sidewalks in areas where there is a concentration of handicapped individuals for the disabled to operate these vehicles?

  3. At the very least....her license needs to be terminated. She shouldn't ever drive on Alabama roads again.