Monday, May 14, 2018

Get the Drunks Off the Highway

Laudedale County: The young woman had her hands full taking care of a husband and two grown stepchildren. Then her mother died, and she had to care for her father as well. If one drink helped, wouldn't two be better? Then a drive to calm her down some more. Happy ending? No, a DUI.

Colbert County: The cop stopped an educator, then called his chief. Bottom line: No DUI and the educator got a free ride...and the chance to drive drunk again.

Franklin County: The teacher was drunk at a council meeting. Arrest followed, but...a coach drove drunk and got a free ride home – see Colbert County.

How many DUIs are not ever reported by police? We're going to assume many. We've been asked recently to give the Shoals Democratic Club some publicity. So here it is:

Our advice? A rehab facility for Stutts and a new SDC prexy.

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