Friday, May 11, 2018

How to Embezzle without Husband's Knowledge?

From a reader:

I read the Muscle Shoals Oberver's blog yesterday and it reminded me of a friend. She too worked for an Alabama county, but one far to the south of the Shoals. She had been embezzling for years while divorced and when she married her second husband, she just kept on.

After she was caught, I heard several people say that her husband had to know. Did he? How many men know a real Rolex from a fake, or even know what the brand is on their wives' watch or clothes? This couple had purchased an old house cheap and were redoing it. How many men know $25/roll wall paper from $250.00/roll wall paper? 

So this Muscle Shoals admin might not know too much about his wife. It's a real possibility.



We had at least one question about a bank giving this couple a loan. Are we sure they had a loan? The husband may have left the finances up to the wife and had no idea what the new home cost or how she paid for it.

Franklin County doesn't subscribe to Delta property records, so we have no idea how much the house was valued at. No matter, it would be hard to prove complicity, and we assume that the former Franklin County administrator took full responsibility for the scheme she used to embezzle funds. 

On a side note, while the husband did resign from a church position, the wife's father has not done the same concerning his position on the county commission. Ah, power is a heady drug...

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