Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rumor of the Year?/Gary Horton

Our inbox is often the receptacle for weird rumors...far fetched know, something along the lines of Angelina Jolie is moving to the Shoals to marry Kenneth Kitts. In other words, outlandish comes to mind.

Obviously, many of these rumors are politically motivated, especially in election season. Yet it's not municipal election season, and we've just heard that Sheffield will be a sanctuary city. Really?

Just what Sheffield needs - more residents who are apt to rely on crime to support themselves. No, we think this rumor definitely deserves to be placed in File 13. We do wonder who started it and why?



It's been ages since we've had a local hero. Today we're giving the nod to Gary Horton, principal of Wilson High School. One week ago, Mr. Horton chose to honor our flag by attempting to ensure it remained at full staff at his school where it belonged. We understand that Mr. Horton faced some rebellious comments about his actions, but those who care about our flag salute him!

(For those who are ever tempted to give in to the common crowd, remember Mr. Horton's actions and stand firm against flag desecration.)

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