Friday, May 4, 2018

Lauderdale Probate Judge's Race/Free Scott Peterson!

The past two days we've published profiles of the candidates vying for the office of Lauderdale County Probate Judge. William Smith has served this county well in numerous offices, as well as being a local historian of considerable merit. Will Motlow took over the office of probate judge at an extremely difficult time and has flourished in that position. In short, both attorneys are more than qualified to hold the office.

We're not going to endorse either candidate for this position. We urge all Lauderdale voters to research these two gentlemen and then make an informed decision. It should be an interesting night at the courthouse as the votes are counted.



Yes, let's free Scott Peterson. Why, you ask? Let's look at two recent comments on our FB page:

On a female hit and run driver - Im sure this is one of them cases where being a beautiful looking woman pays off in this county. If I was on the grand jury I also would be looking for any excuse not to convict.

On the capture of a baby-faced jail escapee - Thank God, I was worried for safety of our entire state just from the hardened look of this monster........

Each comment betrays a bias that many don't discuss. The better looking the defendant, the better the odds that he/she will be found not guilty, or at least receive a much lighter sentence. Should we use this criterion?

If everyone did, wouldn't Scott Peterson today be free? After all, some would say his looks more than negate the crime of killing his wife and unborn child. What does that say about us as a society?

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