Monday, May 7, 2018

House District 3?

Like House District 18, District 3 is open this fall. We have two political newcomers vying for that seat as well: Andrew Sorrell and Humphrey Lee...

Many will be happy to see Marcel Black surrender his long held seat, but picking the right successor is a conundrum for many. We'll be offering an endorsement in the next few days, so if you have comments, please send them now.



Is there a downside to electing non-attorneys to our legislature? It would seem so. This past legislative session, we've had some introduce laws...feel good laws...that are already on the books. We've also had some introduce laws that will not stand up in court. Many lawmakers don't seem to care. Should we?

Yes, these are our tax dollars at work. Let's stretch them as far as they will go. Paying attorneys to defend cases they know they can't win should not be one of our priorities.

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