Sunday, May 6, 2018

House District 18?

Johnny Mack Morrow has held the position of representative from House District 18 since 1990. That's a lot of years even in politician time. Now, our Johnny Mack is attempting to move up in the world, having detected the scent of a failed politician, namely state senator Larry Stutts. That leaves an open position for House District 18; who will fill it?

While there is only one Democratic candidate, there are two Republicans vying for the seat: Jamie Kiel and Tony Riley. The latter two will face off in the June 5th primary. Both are newcomers to the political arena. 

Take a look at their bios and look at what these two are really saying. We welcome comments and guest blogs on this race, as well as others in the area.



Speaking of guest blogs, we often beg for submissions. We particularly appreciate reviews of local restaurants for Quad-Cities Cuisine

You may send any submission to, preferably in .doc format. We usually get submissions posted within two days.

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