Thursday, May 10, 2018

News from the Muscle Shoals Observer - Part I

For several months, we've published some comments from a Muscle Shoals parent. Now the parent, whom we've dubbed the Muscle Shoals Observer, has begun a series on the administrators in the Muscle Shoals school system.

Today we're publishing the first installment. This is an acerbic piece, and we neither agree nor disagree with the MSO. Two of our regular contributors do live in Muscle Shoals, but most of us do not and have no knowledge of the inside workings of the system.

As always, we happily publish rebuttals...


The Backside of Muscle Shoals?



(More to come in the following days on other administrators in the system)

Crista Madden, an accountant who worked for two Alabama counties has been arrested and pleaded guilty for using her position to steal more than $700,000 during the past decade.  Christa Madden is the wife of Muscle Shoals High School Assistant Principal, Jeff Madden.  School Superintendent Brian Lindsey allegedly questioned Jeff Madden about his knowledge concerning the theft of $700,000 by his wife.  Jeff Madden states he had absolutely no knowledge of his wife’s wrongdoing.
Now let’s look at the facts… Jeff and Christa Madden built a showplace home estimated to be worth over $750,000.  So, a Muscle Shoals Assistant Principal and Franklin County employee whose combined income probably isn’t over $150,000 / year can afford a $750,000 home?  Do the math folks. These two are supposedly married and Mr. Madden claims no knowledge of this huge monetary indiscretion…REALLY?
Without a doubt, Mr. Madden must be a product of the Muscle Shoals High School Mathematics Department if he truly has no knowledge of his wife’s theft of over $700,000. Although it is common knowledge (pardon the pun) that Muscle Shoals graduates who go to college expect to have remedial math before the colleges put our students in a college math class.  But maybe this is the new Common Core math that we haven’t been taught yet. We’re sure Supt. Lindsey will have an answer to fit the situation so we’ll just wait and see…


Our opinion of the house? In for a penny, in for a pound? 

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  1. Remedial math?? I thought MS students had the highest scores around?