Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vinnie Grosso Wants the Scoop on Offenders

Vinnie Grosso, head of Florence Animal Control, wants to get the scoop on certain local offenders--or should we say poop. Apparently McFarland and Deibert Parks are the regular recipients of unwanted gifts from canine visitors. Grosso states that animal control can do little about complaints without evidence--either DNA or video.

Grosso (pictured at right with reptile friend) is requesting funding for surveillance cameras at both parks in order to catch the regular offenders. This idea has merit, but we wonder just who would be responsible for monitoring the hours of video at each park. Even with fast forward and a trained eye, it sounds like a monotonous, time-consuming exercise.

If such cameras are installed, we hope one is focused on the dispenser of plastic poop bags in each park. Still, if the Florence Recreation Department can't keep tissue and soap dispensers filled in the restrooms, there's little hope for doggie poop bags.

Photo by Jim Hannon

What's up with this: Handy Week is almost over, and there have been complaints of not enough diverse music. We're not sure what these nay-sayers thought was lacking, but many thanks to Nancy Gonce and her cohorts for another wonderful fest.