Friday, July 10, 2009

Do You Want Stephen Wayne Caldwell to be Your Neighbor?

Stephen Wayne Caldwell likes to read. The trouble is he likes to read child pornography, as well as sell it.

Caldwell was arrested in Kentucky on August 13, 1994, and convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography on June 19, 1997. As a convicted sex offender/predator, Caldwell is required to register as such wherever he lives; as well as reside a distinct distance from day care facilities and other educational establishments.

By 2006, he was working at Pilgrim's Pride Poultry in Russellville and residing at 630 West Lawrence Street, a working class neighborhood of small homes where American, Mexican, and Guatemalan manual laborers frequently reside. Caldwell last listed the Lawrence Street home in Russellville as his official residence on February 9th of this year.

By June 30th, Caldwell was living with a roommate at 2148 Highway 101 in the Town Creek mailing jurisdiction. Town Creek is a small Lawrence County community located near the cusp of the Lauderdale and Colbert County border. Neighbors who were aware of Caldwell's status reported to Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell that the roommate's three children frequently spent the night with the two men at their home midway between downtown Town Creek and the village of Hatton to the South.

Caldwell is now being held on $15,000.00 bail in the Lawrence County Jail. After he resolves his current legal difficulties, Stephen Wayne Caldwell will be looking for a new residence. We wish him well as long as he maintains the required distance from children.

What's up with this: Many have questioned for some time why the TimesDaily offered no coverage of Lauderdale teacher Keith McGuire's legal problems at Clements School in adjoining Limestone County. Sources have recently reported that McGuire's sister, Susan McGuire Adams, is a close friend of Bob Gruber who served as TD publisher during most of that period. Nuff said.