Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deputy Terry Woods Arrested for Harassment

Lauderdale Deputy Terry Woods has been arrested on charges of harassment relating to his alleged attack on fellow deputy Ronnie Valentine. Florence attorney Ralph Holt is representing Woods; the trial will be August 27th in District Court.

According to previous reports, Valentine has also filed for workman's compensation. Lauderdale Sheriff Ronnie Willis (pictured) has just completed an internal investigation and suspended the 11 year veteran Woods for five days sans pay.

Since Valentine has filed a criminal complaint against Woods, it's unclear why Sheriff Willis chose to conduct an in-house investigation rather than ask the Alabama Bureau of Investigation to step in. We will assume if Terry Woods is found guilty of the misdemeanor charge, Willis will then initiate further action against the deputy.

Charges of favoritism in Willis' department have always been rampant; now is the time for Sheriff Ronnie Willis to disprove these charges to the citizens of Lauderdale County.

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