Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Goat Hill News

We have frequently advocated political blogs as the ideal way to keep abreast of notable events from Montgomery to Dothan to the Shoals. From the "just the facts" of Doc's Political Parlor to the outrageous humor of King Cockfight, there's something for everyone in the Alabama blogosphere.

A new blog of note is Goat Hill News. Perhaps the initial draw is the blog's author: Fob Wallace. Now, tell us you can resist a name like that.

Goat Hill keeps it short and sweet with multiple entries each day that are economical of word. Wallace also promises to "leave no rumor unsaid." Considering the amount of e-mails this blog receives that easily fit into the rumor category, Wallace should have plenty of grist for his mill, a mill that will assuredly be running overtime as 2010 approaches.

What's up with this: Are we sure Ron Sparks is running for governor? Some stores in Russellville still display "Ron Sparks for Commissioner of Agriculture" signs. Well, at least they're in English.