Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tom Magazzu - He's Our New Hero

Florence's Tom Magazzu is the editor of the Courier Journal, that ubiquitous newspaper all residents of Northwest Alabama find in their mail boxes each week. As editor, Tom writes the obligatory commentary. Usually we agree with him; on rare occasions we don't, but still enjoy his innate wit and way with words.

We received the July 15th edition in our mailbox this afternoon and were pleasantly shocked at Tom's choice of subject this week: Steve McNair. Since McNair's July 4th murder, we've read endless media spins on his death and the suicide of his girlfriend. We have seen this backstreet affair termed a romance, and few if any comments on how all this has affected McNair's wife and children. Certainly there have been no in depth looks into what kind of young woman dates a married man and brags about it to her family--a family that included a nephew who said she "had it made" with McNair.

When we think the world has sold out to political correct drivel, someone comes along and tells it like it is. That someone in the McNair death is Tom Magazzu. We sincerely hope everyone will read Tom's insightful commentary on this murder-suicide. He manages to say what should have been said by all the other writers who have covered this crime, but have lacked the courage or, sadly, the morals. Thanks, Tom, for what you do for this area.

What's up with this: Lauderdale County law enforcement has made headlines twice already this week, and not in the good way. Isn't it time the citizens of this county demanded accountability from both elected and appointed officials?