Thursday, July 9, 2009

Should Christie Bray Scott Die?

Joey Rushing says convicted murderess Christie Michelle Bray Scott should die. Joey Rushing says a lot of things.

The Franklin County District Attorney is quoted in Thursday's TimesDaily as stating:

There's nothing worse than a mother murdering a child for insurance and because they didn't want him.

We're not sure to whom the word "they" refers. Observers said Christie couldn't handle the child. Friends said Jeremy was more interested in work and possessions than he was his own son. William Markam, the man who admitted on tape to being Christie's emotional lover said he didn't care for the child, a child he thought should have been "whooped" more.

Surely, these others in Mason Scott's life deserve some of the blame for his death. No, they didn't murder him, but they apparently made no attempt to intervene in what was obviously a pathological situation, a textbook dysfunctional family.

This morning Joey Rushing will request that Judge Terry Dempsey sentence Christie Scott to death by lethal injection, an Old Testament eye for a eye. Surely spending the rest of her natural life in the hell hole that is Tutwiler Prison would be enough punishment for this sick, sick woman.

Then again, let's not forget defense attorney Robert B. Tuten says it's not over yet...

What's up with this: It was the observation of several in the Franklin County courtroom that Joey Rushing should ditch his pink candy-striped English tie and take some lessons from the very GQ Doug Evans.