Friday, October 9, 2009

Jan Ingle v. Bill Hunt for Tourism Board

Jan Ingle (pictured) is a purchasing agent for SBS Electric Supply and, per the Florence City Council, the newest member of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board. According to the Lauderdale County Commission, Bill Hunt will retain his current post. Obviously one governing body is in error, but which one?

The Tourism Board was created in 1994 as a result of a joint city and county effort and consists of five members. Currently representing the county are Selton Killen and Chris Bishop. Ernest Haygood and Jim Bevis represent the city. The fifth board member is a joint appointment and, until now, has never created a schism.

No one is denying that Bill Hunt has served admirably since his appointment in 2003; however, business travel has prevented the appliance maven from attending approximately 40% of scheduled board meetings. With an annual budget of almost $900,000.00, the Tourism Board is a vital part of the local economy and certainly deserves the best possible leadership.

We're sure the City of Florence and Lauderdale County will be able to reach an equitable compromise. What we're unsure of is Rhea Tays Fulmer's role in the selection of an appointee. Fulmer, a county commissioner, voted against Hunt; this is her right. Fulmer also attended the Florence City Council meeting at which Ingle was selected; this is also her right, but as a non-resident she has no say in the city's selection. According to yesterday's TimesDaily, Fulmer has further
"added any new appointee would need to attend at least 70 percent of meetings."

Fulmer didn't say how she planned to enforce her new edict, and sources tell us there is no legal precedent for her statement. Perhaps she plans to give gold stars for perfect attendance?

What's up with this: Tomorrow night's Halloween Party at Sweetwater Plantation has been canceled, but is scheduled to be open by Saturday. If you go, take some extra cash--apparently the advertised fortune teller isn't part of the $25.00 package.